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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pitra Paksha

Pitra Paksha Festivals India

The dark fortnight which falls in the Hindu calendar month of which is Bhadrapad which is known as the Pitr-Paksha or Mahalay Paksha all over the Hindu World. This period which is regarded to be an ideal occasion to perform rites for the deceased ancestors you have to keep their spirit of our way which you have to performed rites for the deceased ancestors to keep their spirit gratified for the year.

Significance :
Pitra Paksha
religious belief which was deceased ancestors which was full of Lord Yamaraja’s region which is visit their homes on the earth during this time. If you have the power of ancient then you have to go the rules. Then you have to subtle bodies of ancestors which is considered to remain gratified for years.

Pitru Paksha is the subtle which is the existence and which had requirement of our subtle or spiritual needs in the form of rites like Shraddha which is ensure a smooth passage from the physical existence to the subtle Planes. By focusing the solely on gross of the sciences, there are many of these subtle which is measured are which has been not practiced, even forgotten in western countries.

There is a Funeral rites and Shraddha which is extra from all the sides. While funeral rites it is considered inauspicious, Shraddha is auspicious and gratifying.

Pitrapaksha which are their they will developed the chance to our deceased ancestors by gratifying their spirits. As such, as we see the shraddha which is a “debt of the dead” or “ceremonies of the dead” it shows that the dead people alive among us. The Lord of death, which was Yamaraja enables the dead ones which is over come to the earth and which have to deads from the descendants. This was the work as the practice which is made to the dead petras and pitras.

Generally, considered most of desirable and efficacious when Shraddha which is performed by a son.

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