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Friday, October 24, 2008

Krishna Janmashthami festival

Janmashthami festival

Janmashthami festival is celebrated is an positive event, it is celebrated all in India it is the score of birth of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna was the eighth personification of Lord Vishnu who took birth in the origin of Mathura which is situated in the Northern India. Janmashthami festival is celebrated with full of joy. So many people are trying to making the games of dahi hundi it is the icon of lord Krishna’s mischief’s.

On Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Lord Krishna temple which is situated in Mathura and Vrindavan which is draw the number of devotees from the surrounding the whole planet.

When the Janmashtami is coming?

This festival is coming on each year on the eighth day in the month of Sharvan
a  According to Hindu Scriptures. Lord Krishna was born in ‘Rohini’ star. Janmashtami which is famous for the two days, the first day which is known as the Krishnashtami or the Gokulashtami and the second day it is called Kalastami or the Janmashtami.

Celebration of Janmastami


The festival of Sri Krishna Janmastami which is famous with so much attachment and the interest. So numerous ritual and civilization are follow this day, several are universal and several are extremely to the fussy region. Supporter all above sing bhajans. The Devotees are sitting around in the temple and starting the songs of Lord Krishna.         

This festival was celebrated in the different part of the country like Maharashtra, a matka or the stone pot of the contain which is milk or curd which is hanging above the location and the collection of young men and kids form human which is pyramids to attempt and reach the preserve and ultimately fracture it.