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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Naag Panchami Festivals

Naag Panchami Festivals

Naag Panchami

Naag Panchami
is the festival of snake people worshipped the god Naag Devta. It is coming in the fifth day of Shravan which is held in July/August, which are reverences for the Cobra are paid.

Naag Panchami in Hindu Mythology
There is a widespread before the Aryan invasion, worshipping of snakes or Naga was later incorporated in to Hinduism by the Aryans themselves. Hindu Mythological books are famously are closely with stories, fables, and pictures of snakes.

Lord Vishnu’s couch is the green, thousand- headed snake who could hold up the earth. Lord Shiva wears a snake for ornamental purpose. Even Lord Krishna which is called to commemorate his victory over which has the great snake, Kaliya.

Celebration of Naag Panchami Festivals

There is oldest celebration of fast on this days, women are trying to draw the images of snake on this days and also hang on the walls of their houses includes with cowdung, milk and black powder. Which is gives us milk, Ghee, sweets, water and rice which have been preparing at the size of their holes. If the snake had drink the milk which you kept then you are a lucky person as they think. This festival is celebrated as different ways and different part of the India.

There is so many observed in southern India, Maharashtra and Bengal. In Jodhpur, very long cloth effigies of the snake which are displayed at major fairs.

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