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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dussehra Festivals

Dussehra Festivals

is called as “Vijayadashmi” it is one of the most attractive festival of hindu and it is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm for ten continuous days. Dussehra exactly wealth the tenth day. It marks the ends of the nine days of Navratri. The first nine nights are enjoying in the respect of divinity Durga and hence these nights are known as Navaratri. This festival waterfall in the month of Ashwin (Sep-Oct). The tenth day of the Dussehra day is in respect of Durga Devi.

Dussehra Festival Video

Mythological Significance :

This festival has huge mythological worth. Since per Ramayan, Ram did Chandi-Puja and invoked the support of Durga tokill Ravana, the ten-headed king of Lanka who hadab ducted Sita. Durga divulge the quiet to Ram how he might kill Ravana. Then after vanquishing him, Ram with Sita and Laxman return successful to his empire of Ayodhya.

Celebrations Of Festivals:
which is also called interpret as “Dasa-Hara”, which capital the serious of the ten heads of Ravana. The ‘Ramleela’, a folk play, retellings the story of the life of Rama, slays is enacted for the nine days of Navratri which is ending on Dussera, the day Rama slays Ravana. Songs are sung in honor of Rama and people in thousand spectator this established theatre with its Dussera can also be interpreted as "Dasa-Hara", which means the cutting of the ten heads of Ravana. The 'Ramleela', a folk play, over Retellings the legend of the life of Rama, which is enacted for nine days of Navratri finale on Dussera, the day Rama slays Ravana. The songs which has been sung in honor of Rama and people in thousand witness this traditional theatre with its inflated overstated costumers, Jewelry, organization and manufacture. Effigies of Ravana are set ablaze, suggesting the capture of fine over vice. In recent times which is calls for efforts to destroy the demon of our ego, and exude silence and love.

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